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Plastic Airless 50ml Lotion Pump

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100% brand new and high quality

A travel essential for both men and women

Perfect for storing your favourite lotion cream in a smaller container

Fit easily into your handbag 

Easy to dismantle and re-filling 

Airless bottles help keep bacteria and other contaminants our of your organic product or skincare for a long lasting product.

This bottle will prevent product come in contact with oxygen during use to preserve the active ingredient and maintain shelf life.

The Airless Pump Bottle will help to minimize waste as product is being pushed up to the pump via a disk How to Re-fill an Airless Bottle

1. Use a spatula or stick to push down the inner disk
2.Add product into the  bottle
3.Tapping the bottle to settle the product, make sure no air is trapped inside the product
4. Add more product untill it is around 3/4 full or more
5. Press down the pump and feel air is being pumped out Initial few pumps are jet of product mixed with air
6.Until the top of product touch the tip of pump smooth flow of product will be pumped out

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